ST 15 15 mrevaunit42 starafterdeath schi-walker-locked a-small-bowl-of-noodles kakaphoe of-another-broken-heart kakaphoe asymbina iamsapphirecrimsonclaw bluesey-182 captaindeadpoet hiringdreamers ezurad commandtower-solring-go kayas-wife chandra-nalaar viralthings The more you look at this picture the more anxious it becomes this is just a normal waffle house there is a bloody handprint on the door There is somethung under the counter with the cups Blind man reading news paperSkull in the coffee Milk is $15 Lady’s hand is a tentacle the bleeding pie the eyeball and fingers on the blind man’s plate… I was trying to find something nobody else had seen yet when I realized… Look right above the tentacle arm The second man at the buffet what the hell is he doing? He’s either throwing up or eating an octopus I think his face is just tentacles The blind man has gills Scariest detail this image was ripped from the creator’s site and vandalized edited to remove the watermark then reuploaded for viral fame without so much as a mention of the artist’s name SOURCE httpjeffleejohnsondeviantartcomartBlue-Plate-Special-661961724 That said the earlier observation about milk being $15 is off - artist confirms this is based on a 1920’s diner so the price would be in cents httpcommentsdeviantartcom16619617244375070065The table under the journal is lacquered with ants The person holding the skull-creamed coffee paints the underside of their nails Either that or their natural nails grow redThe journal’s writing intentionally made hard to read and partially obscured is somewhat of a cheat to all the things amiss in the scene httpcommentsdeviantartcom16619617244372574544 I can make out “… and eyeball … have to think he is less strange than the horrifying creature that seems to have inhabited the cabinet behind him … all tentacles and teeth … obscured by cup … Where in the world can be found such nightmares?!” Reblogging for the correct source I didn’t even notice the OP wasn’t the artist oops There’s a second one and there’s even more in this AAAHH cool but AAAAAHHHH Just a regular morning in Innsmouth Passing your perception checks isn’t always a great idea Meme




Waffle House







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