sonneillonv violent-cisbian lesbianplayinanimalcrossing violent-cisbian thevirginmaryswomb radcybergoth blackswallowtailbutterfly ryderdai the-pump-king morphimus charlesoberonn charlesoberonn queen-of-dirt charlesoberonn notaboyscout charlesoberonn memory-thought charlesoberonn updogonline It took me 3 watches to realize the door is cardboard and this man is not just freakishly strong I assure you this is a standard interior door usually only exterior doors are solid You can see the inside of the cardboard though This isn’t a real door it’s a prop from a movie or TV set it has a paper honeycomb for rigidity and that’s how interior doors are made for modern construction in the USA y'all have never kicked a hole in your bedroom door in a flurry of teenage hormonal rage and it shows If I kicked my bedroom door I’d more likely break my foot than the door I always thought people punching through doors or shoving people through doors was just from the movies Doors in my country are generally solid planks of wood a polymer of sorts or metal American homes are made extremely cheaply and aren’t built to last Steam from hot showers seeps into wall which are not treated to handle moisture and mold grows in the walls Almost every wall or floor is made out of plywood Flimsy roofing that can withstand a run of the mill heavy storm but not much more than that Weak foundations that wouldn’t hold up at all if it weren’t for how light and plywood-y the overall house is Not every American house is this shitty in all of these ways but the vast majority of them are and almost all of them have at least one of these problems Even rich people’s homes Read this article httpsdengardencommiscAmerican-Houses-and-Bad-Quality Then watch this video Are we just ignoring this original post was about the OP looking for Elf Pussy or are we just totally past that? It’s already been answered that there is no elf pussy here so why dwell? 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m in Canada I haven’t noticed any door be quite that flimsy You could kick a hole in some of them the hollow ones but not right through and not without hurting yourself It also depends on how old your house is My parents house is from the 80s and all the doors are solid wood Yeah my parents were the first people to live in our house so it would have been built in the same decade I remember my mom saying that she liked how the doors were solid wood and little me was confused bc I thought all doors were made of wood do y'all not have stone walls? No we don’t usually just plywood or plasterboard with wooden frames for support If it is stone it’s usually just a “feature wall” that is made of the aforementioned materials but with a thin layer of stone glued on Basically this but just with paint over the plasterboard American houses or at least new ones are built to look nice but ware easily why would anyone build something like that? didn’t the pig with the wood house get killed or something? don’t y'all learn from your childhood? I live in AZ and one of my exterior doors is Styrofoam Literally Styrofoam with a flexible plastic plate over it You could kick right through it Or if you felt like sneaking in and murdering me cut through it with a kitchen knife Needless to say I’m having it replaced -laughs in solid wooden door- Meme











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