Sometimes there is no next time no second chance no time out Sometimes it is now or never Imagine that you’re living in a modest sized home in the middle of an extremely high-end neighborhood Your house is a mere 1200 square feet which is comfortably liveable and you make full use of every square foot ✧ Your neighbors on the other hand all have 3000 square foot homes at the minimum They drive better cars than you they have kids in private schools and they have bigger TVs than you They’re better looking than you too You hate them ✧ Don’t you feel like a piece of crap? Doesn’t your inability to live your life as big as these people really get you down? Don’t you just want MORE? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions then this is for you ✧ Recently I received an email from a reader who feels like she’s not getting enough out of life while people around her are balling out of control This seemingly unfortunate reader has been plagued with a mind rotting disease that psychologists have deemed the “mere-exposure effect” ✧ Here’s what she had to say “I’m just baffled of how others make it We have an income of $180K a year We have a friend who is a podiatrist and lives in a $600K house 2 kids in private schools $12k-yr-child and drives 2 Mercedes SUVs I’m not trying to sound like we’re “keeping up with Joneses” but I just really want to know how they are able to manage it as I too want to learn and have their lifestyle I sometimes think that I’m missing a “secret” to financial success when I see my friends around me have such a lavish lifestyle” ✧ What do you think? Is there a secret? - Meme






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