Sometimes It's Very Hard To Move On But Once You Move On You'll Realize It Was The Best Decision You've Ever Made TRUERWORDSYOUVENEVERHEARD❤ ____________________________________________ Why do you feel like it's BETRAYAL when they have BETRAYED your trust by TRADING your Love for Lust by catering to everyone but YOU?! Why do you feel like it's on you to create a MIRACLE by staying just a little bit longer because of the BRIEF good times that never weighed more than the BAD?! Why do you feel like it's a CRIME to finally be the VICTIM when despite their never ending attacks as the VICTIMIZER And yet you still took the BLAME in hopes one day they would stop causing you PAIN?! ____________________________________________ It's always been about THEM It's always been you making the sacrifices for THEM It's always you being the smaller person for THEM It's always been you apologizing & disregarding your innocence just to keep THEM Question You been living & loving for THEM but what about you?! I'm sure it's hard to just move on without THEM because of comfort attachment and-or whatever other excuse you want to use But understand this if it was God sent you wouldn't keep being sent to HELL just to feel like you're BLESSED WITH THE ONE! No relationship nor any person is perfect but THEM type of people you need to leave in the past because your Happiness is on the Line So what's it going to be You or THEM🤔💯 RAISEYOURSTANDARDS CHANGETHETHINGSYOUCANCHANGE YouGottaSpeakThingsIntoExistence PATIENTLYAWAITTHELOVEYOUDESERVE ____________________________________________ ▪️PLEASE TAG QUEENS & KINGS WHO NEED THIS REMINDER ____________________________________________ STOPWHATYOUREDOINGRIGHTNOW For QUOTES-MESSAGES about LIFE & LOVE Follow One of the REALEST IG PAGE ever FollowTheONLYSilentlySpokenProject ➕FOLLOWIG@SilentlySpokenProject AMANWHOACTUALLYGETSIT💯 ____________________________________________ ITSAMANSJOBTOFINDHISQUEEN💯 REMAINSINGLEUNTILUKNOITSREAL HAPPILYAFTERONEDAY FORHER LASTOFADYINGBREED YOUDESERVEBETTER EXCUSESNOTSOLDHERESORRY EXCUSESNOTSOLDORACCEPTED ITTAKESCOURAGETOLOVE ITTAKESCOURAGETOLOVEAGAIN SWYD AMANWHOACTUALLYGETSIT SILENTLYSPOKENFROMTHEHEART SILENTLYSPOKENPROJECT SSP THEONLYSSP LOVEQUOTES Meme











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