So You're Confronting Your Own Mortality or Preparing for the End or Some Dipshit Up and Died and Now I'm Stuck Dealing With This Mess ms-demeanor ms-demeanor ms-demeanor jhinnua ms-demeanor Hey you know how I said I was going to make a workbook on the kind of bullshit you need to do when someone you love dies? I actually did that HERE IS THE VERSION WITH LOTS OF SWEARING AT THE USELESS SHITTY SITUATION YOU’RE IN HERE IS THE VERSION WITH A FAIR AMOUNT OF BLACK HUMOR BUT NO CURSEWORDS Featuring Helpful Sections such as Death Certificates – What you need why you need them and how to get them Prepare to spend a long and miserable time on the phone What the Everloving Fuck is Probate Some Simple Dos and Don’ts Shitty Mad Libs – Templates for writing Obituaries and Memorials How to plan a non-religious death party So you suddenly have to become some sort of hacker or some shit This is an eighteen page book that you can print out download share and give away it is meant to be used to collect information about funeral planning and account management after a death OR you can use it BEFORE you die and give people information so they’re not stuck playing Nancy Fucking Drew while trying to keep seventeen cousins who crawled out of the woodwork from gutting each other in front of the fucking casket as they argue about who’s inheriting grandma’s favorite dentures It’s not exactly cheerful and it’s full of things that are probably going to feel really fucking raw if you’re processing a fresh death I’m sorry! I love you! Death is shitty! I’m trying to laugh about it a little and I hope you can laugh a little too because otherwise we’re all just going to cry together Good luck! in memory of my weirdo mother and her weirdo siblings who all died too fucking young and left me holding this flaming bag of dogshit @ms-demeanor Tumblr wont let me message you privately so is it ok if I share this to my FB page? The business I am in wants information like this to be public knowledge but it’s still a business so I don’t want to post without permission YES please share it! And actually facebook blocks links to my blog for some reason so I have no problem with you just straight-up copypasting the PDF links! Credit me if you want ”@ms-demeanor on tumblr” is fine but you don’t even have to Just share it and spread it I want people to have an easier time of things! I’m universally OK if people share these links so long as you’re not selling the booklet I’m actually even okay if someone prints up a bunch of these and hands them out so long as they’re handed out for free Also I want to make this point I was very lucky I had talked to my mom about her death plans and she and my dad have had their cremations planned and paid for for 25 years Neptune Society baybee I got lucky we had talked about a book like this and she had started writing down passwords I got lucky she never took my advice about putting a passcode on her phone But things were still harder than they needed to be We’d talked about a death planning workbook because I’d found one on Amazon and we both thought it would be a good idea to fill it out because she was sick I just never scrounged together $2600 in the time between when we talked about it and when she died You know what’s better than regretting that you couldn’t afford a death workbook? A FREE DEATH WORKBOOK I mean I don’t begrudge the authors of other death books their pay I’m sure the other books are more comprehensive than mine and maybe some of them do a decent job of explaining probate But death is expensive and living ain’t cheap This is free explicitly because there are tons of people though certainly not everyone involved who will bypass compassion in order to profit off of the death industry and I want you to have at least this one thing that’s there for you free as a gift as something given to you for the sole purpose of making this easier on you in a time when every step is going to be expensive and difficult This is free no charge All I ask is that if possible you share it with someone else who needs it and that you tell somebody you love that you love them Hey all if you’re new here because of the firefox post or the browser wars post or the bastardous positivity post please consider downloading the free book I made about what to do when someone dies because you know what this is sad and shit but things are going to be much easier for you if you know the level of bullshit you’re going to be dealing with Meme











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