So today I went into Giant Food Store open carrying my gun like I have frequently done in the past but this time the police were called I wasn't aware I wasn't permitted to open carry at the store because there were no signs saying I couldn't The officer approached me and asked me to put my hands up and I did He then asked me if he could remove my gun from me and I told him he could We went upstairs to the break room to avoid any issues with bystanders by the check out The officers told me it's my second amendment right to open or conceal carry and that broke no laws He told me the way the world is now to maybe not open carry this gun only because it just takes one person to call and complain that will cause more inconvenience in my life than theirs The police were respectful and so was I If you aren't a douche bag when dealing with police you might have a pleasant experience like I did I was not handcuffed and arrested and I'm still alive to tell the story ation thing this is where it came from 0929 1611 Suspicious Person - 205 Glen Dr -Giant Foods - Complaint of a subject who entered the store carrying what looked like a machine gun The man entered On the the rear bathroom and the assistant store manager evacuated the store for the customer's safety The man did not make any threats did not say anything to any one and did not point the gun at anyone Officers responded and spoke to the man who had a 9mm hand gun with a short stock and high capacity magazine which may look like a rifle to an untrained eye The man told the officers he was just exercising his right to open carry He was cooperative and allowed the officers to check the gun and his information The gun was legal and he was legally allowed to own and carry it The store was reopened No problem from northeastern regional police I really like attention and I have a small penis Meme











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