So many people paid to watch Mayweather and McGregor fight Imagine if everyone paid to build up their communities or help people in need That's why the government created the lottery So instead of using that same idea to put back into a community they would use it to give it to one or a couple people and tax the crap of it Think about it what if every township collected money like a lottery and each month a new school community garden parks sustainable energy grid etc was built or maintained But no they understand that they have to keep that wheel turning to secure their jobs and the establishment so they keep the masses distracted and fighting amongst themselves You ever wonder where you tax money goes? You don't even know do you? Compare your taxes to the lottery and multiple it by at least 30% The number is staggering and all this bullshit about the country debt is used to distract you from the truth This country is not in debt That debt is created and funded through the private banking system and political actions wars over seas Trust me on this remember y'all couldn't do simple math a few days ago saying the answer was 10 This is the matrix I'm talking about and the only way to see it for what it is is to truly awaken from the distractions and programming they use to control your mind Turn the TV off and read standup911 bethechange matrix government Meme








The Matrix



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