So I recently moved into a new neighborhood and it's a pretty nice area After a couple of weeks a moving truck pulls up and I realize there's a new girl living in the house next to me So I walk out and I notice that she's all by herself Being the good neighbor I am I go up and ask Hey I see you don't have any help Do you need any help with moving your boxes inside? And keep this in mind I'm like a 610 on good day while this girl is an easy 910 Like this girl can easily be a supermodel So I ask if she needs any help and she looks me dead in the Uh No thanks I'm good Well ok No problem So a couple days go by after that into my yard So I'm thinking Ok cranky girl Round 2 let's go we got this So I take the dumb dog and I bring it over to her house and give the door a kn biggest smile says OH MY GOD thank you SO MUCH! I don't know what I would do without him He's like family to me I'm so sorry that I was so mean to you the other day I was having a bad day and took it out on you and I'm so sorry Please let me make it up to you and take you out to dinner So I humbly accept and we end up going out to dinner that night Now we don't have much in common Like I'm into video games and anime and she's into all this white girl stuff like makeup Starbucks and all that other shit But we have a good time And I mean this girl is WAY out of my league so who am I to complain? So then we hang out more frequently I visit her and she visits me and now I'm in a good relationship with this extremely hot chick A couple weeks go by we continue this and I see a moving truck come in from the other direction I go out to greet the new neighbor and I see a cute girl come out of the moving truck Now this girl is cute She isn't supermodel hot but she's cute I would say she's like a 710 So I go up to her and say Hey I see you don't have any help with with the stiest grimace on her face and says eed anything just give a little knock on the door and I'll come o led attempt and this girl's dumb small chihuahua jumps over the fence and gets She opens the door and with the stuff i I hel Luckil e says Ye ure Um take this box and put it in the living room It's the first room to the right you can't miss it So I go to pick up the box and I realize that it's labeled Video Games The box wasn't taped very well so I peek into the box and I'm seeing some serious video games I'm seeing Final Fantasy 7-9 black label a mint copy of Illusion of Gaia Like what girl even knows what that game is!? So I ask Hey is this a box of your boyfriend's stuff? and she responds with No I don't have a boyfriend That stuff's mine so make sure not to drop it So now I know this girl is actually the coolest girl ever elp the girl move her stuff in and we hang out afterwards We go t to lunch and we off We ended up ust talking about video games the whole time and it was amazing NowI don't forget s ve a friend to talk nerd shit with and a cute as 10 And I also have this 910 girlfriend with me And again I'm just a 610 so righ w I'm living dream So a couple weeks go by and my girl nd comes up to me and says Hey so this may sound weird but I don't want time with her and I'm honestly a little with that girl anymore You're d more time with me us and want you to s We try to talk t me an we can a and it'll be great She says Wel So next day my girlfriend comes up to me and says Uh Wait what? Why not? What happened? Yeah she told me that you're hers now and if I ever go near you again she is going to kill me Il give it a shot I'll try to talk to her tomorrow ah you can't see that girl ever again I thin u're overreacting a little bit She do tha seem t type of perso Sh s going to fucking murder me I can't imagine tha I go up to 710's house the next day and give it a little knock on the door but nobody answers I try the doorbel nothing Give her a call text her no answer So then I call my girlfriend try to tell her that she wasn't there and I'I try again tomorrow But again no answer So I go kn Il try to straighten this an morroW her ho knock on the door and still no answer Next da knock* r and I do w what's going So day after day goes by and eventually week after week and I'm getting nothing turns up I call their family and friends and they know nothing And after weeks of all this I just give up Then I turn the news on one day and I see the 710 girl getting carried away in handcuffs And she's covered in blood from head to toe She's screaming and yelling at the camera saying She's dead you're next A couple days go by and the autopsy reports are coming in and its all over the internet Apparently not only did she kill my gorgeous 910 girlfriend but parts of her were missing Chunks of her arms and legs were gone and it seems that the 710 girl ate parts of my girlfriend Bit and chewed into her Now I'm thinking to myself that I had the two most amazing girls in my life And I'm here 610 just worried out of my mind because I can't get the image out of my head of her screaming into the cameras saying She's dead next She's dead you're next And I'm going crazy I'm screaming and writing it in blood on the walls She's dead you're next She's dead you're next AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT DO DO ANYMORE And it raises the question Why is 6 afraid of 7? ng I pu in the missing persons but memehumor This Joke Proves Why Jealous Girlfriends Are Not to Be Trustedhttpmemehumortumblrcom Meme




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