simmerstesia okay so for those who might not know me hi! i’m sol a fellow simmer and a digital artist based in brazil 💖 i won’t expose everything that’s making me feel not-so-well right now as some of it may be triggering for some folks there’s so much contributing to this period being my mental health’s worse nightmare but for sure the main reason is the covid-19 outbreak in my country brazil’s prognostic is not great the situation is expected to get better in late september only our already weakened economy is collapsing and people are losing their jobs before the outbreak i had a somehow stable income working as a freelance artist within my country but right now all my jobs are gone no one has money to spend with art and to make it all worse i have snowball debts making me feel more anxious each day that’s why i’m opening icon commissions here i’d love to draw your simsoc’s and i think it could distract me from all of this i’m trying to be gentle with myself and i find busts the most fun thing to draw for now i’ll only draw some quick ones like those 2 if you want to see more of my work check out my art blog @skktch or my main instagram account i’m also setting up a second insta account for those of you who are non-portuguese speakers if you want to follow me there it would make my day for sure!! CONTACT INFO and even more info because i forgot to put some important things in the images lmao UNDER THE CUT Seguir leyendo Meme








I Won



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