shared a post 16 mins Only up 40 mins then locked Amtgard 1 hr Serious Discussion Hi everyone It's your favorite MONKey with some facts that don't care about your feelings 1 Trans people exist It is far too late to be still on this 2 Trans women are women That's the end of the sentence No but- No actually-no science says- when was the last time you read a scientific peer reviewed journal article? 3 Trans men are men 4 People who are neither men nor women exist and play this game Your high school biology class means nothing to me Take literally any college level psych bio humanities or social work class Or better yet Go on Google scholar and read some goddamn queer theory or some actual studies of trans people from the past few years They're right there! 5 All these people deserve to feel safe within this game Your offence is not priority 6 a POC saying the words white people is not and will never be racism unless we suddenly wake up in a world where white people were exclusively enslaved throughout history It's not racism Sorry you don't get to be the victim Not sure why you'd want to be no matter how much you would like it to be You are marginalized Punching up is not racism it's naming your oppressors But the definition of racism-! Hating someone because they hate you is not at all comparable to the original hate If you feel bad for being lumped in with problematic people imagine what it must feel like for every marginalized persor to be the representative of their racegendersexualityreligionetc whenever do anything This is equality 7 Saying I support x does not make you an ally Contrary to popular belief you actually have to do something to be an ally This includes telling other privileged people when they're wrong Like I'm doing now 75 yes you ARE privileged I'm white I have white privilege My status as a female presenting queer person makes me less privileged than some white people but it does not cancel out my white privilege Likewise your tragic backstory does not erase your privilege 8 cisgender heterosexual white males are not the only people who go here You've spent your whole life absorbing the falsehood that you are the default You are not There is no default human The rest of us WILL be recognized And we will feel safe in these spaces whether you let us or we make you Black anger is not an excuse for white racism Trans anger is not an excuse for cis violence Be real You honestly think anyone believes that everyone would be accepted and treated fairly if everyone just shut up and smiled? Spoiler Alert We've been there done that It didn't work 9 minorities and marginalized groups voicing their anger at oppression does make you feel unsafe You feel uncomfortable That's not the same thing If I straight people in an angry tone do you fear for your life? Do you fear anything at all? No Because you do in fact recognize on some level that you are the with the power 10 If you have a problem accepting the existence and rights yes rights of LARPers maybe this LARP isn't for you There are plenty with not a poc or person in sight I wonder why? Have a wonderful day! Follow up to the last LARP post This is an international organization and leadership openly supports the hate Meme








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