SF SFGate GATE Before and after The dramatic transformation of a shabby West Oakland @SFGate Feb 10 Victorian dlvritQyZmYp 244 32K 18K OR4NOW Follow @Or4Now Replying to @SFGate When I first read this I thought you were referring to the one on the right being shabby & I was in agreement Then I realizedoh no! You think suburban beige is beautiful & Victorian funk is shabby Well F you too SFGate's daddy is shabby Yeah I said it 851 PM 10 Feb 2019 15 Retweets 713 L ikes anaquana seperis ballsballsbowls mysharona1987 If you don’t think the house looked cooler and more delightful before then I don’t know what to tell you Not to mention the house isn’t “shabby” in those pictures - the paint’s spotless the molding’s intact the stairs and windows are maintained I grew up in the rust belt and this house looks better than about 90% of the houses built before the 90s in most neighborhoods This house has been maintained meticulously and lovingly at great expense It’s not “shabby” it’s a non-neutral color with intact Victorian details that you removed because how dare a house have unique features on the outside what will the neighbors think? I say this as someone whose friends and family have to make them buy colors when shopping or my wardrobe woudl be nothing but black white beige grey and my super racy delve into brown and hates all the blue-teals like whoa… WHO THOUGHT MAKING THE COOL TRIPPY VICTORIAN INTO A GODDAMN HELLHOUSE? This is uncanny valley shit that house is going to kill everyone and drink their blood for some goddamn color in its life …God can you imagine the operating room-level neutral inside? This monstrosity was done by a fucking house flipper of course I saw the listing for it and they completely destroyed the inside of the house as well I was so pissed I couldn’t get through all of the pictures My husband and I bought a fixer-upper Victorian and while we’re not keeping her period authentic we’re damn sure keeping her interesting and beautiful She’s currently a drab white but we’re getting her painted this year and that gorgeous teal is exactly the color I was thinking about doing her in Meme











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