service@paypalcom Your Summary Statements Recent Transaction Update Your recents payment processed can't completed Your Payment Processed Has Been 117 PM service@paypalcom <paypal-communications@notificationaccountsupport-suspicious-email-access-account-locked3987209782404756792345webappsemailonedrivemǐ Reply IV 圈^ m Today 117 PM PayPal Your Payment Processed Has Been Declined Dear Client This is part of our buyer protection program We're concerned that someone is using your account without your knowledge Recent activity from your account seems to have occurred a suspicious or under cirumstances that may be different than usual Please check that no one has logged in to your account without your permission For more information Please log in to PayPal and see the section limited Review Y0иґs Accounts After we review your documentation we'll email you regarding the status of your PayPal account Thank you for your understanding and cooperation If you need further assistance please click Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page Sincerely PayPal amphiaria amphiaria this is the most sophisticated phishing e-mail I have ever received and if they had sized the logo correctly and actually proofread the fucking thing I probably would’ve clicked that button actually please reblog this because someone else got it too do not click on the links in this e-mail if you get one like it just forward it to spoof@paypalcom and delete it Meme



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