Sep 5 at 1108pm- I had my Army Physical Fitness Test today The two mile run is on a trail alongside a busy road A car pulled up next to me during my last half mile and started throwing trash water bottles and even an ice box at me while yelling F your Nikes! Heres what I don't understand Some people believe that Kaepernick is disrespecting military service members when he kneels during the anthem Some people believe Nike is also disrespecting military service members by making Kaepernick their new face for Nike Are those the same people who assaulted a military service member while I was maintaining my physical readiness for their freedom? Is that how they respect the military? ARMY It really bothers me that people act like I'm being disrespected by protests but somehow throwing trash at me while I'm in uniform is HY ok?? By the way I still succeeded As usual And PS I always stand for my anthem and I will also stand in support for those who kneel because that's what it really means to fight for freedom I want to edit some comments at the suggestion of some The car that did this had been circling the block for a while The soldier taking time for the run noticed them and I did not until they threw stuff at me I do NOT believe this idiot is a representation of white people Not only did I not get a good look at the person who did it I don't think they can represent an entire group The same way that some military service members are not offended with peaceful protests should discredit the general statement that protesting during the anthem is disrespectful to the military A few people do not speak for or represent an entire group! Now let's not alienate white peoole and instead alienate ignorance in whatever race color or creed it presents itself Thank you I was the soldier who was timing the rurn None of this happened The only reason that because she was so far behind everyone else that she thought no one could see her Don't believe the bullshit that she spews is able make up this story is Meme






White People


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