sensicalabsurdities: headspace-hotel: oceanaromantic: bugbastard: oceanaromantic: sonicrainbooms: oceanaromantic: sonicrainbooms: teaboot: Is he aware that we physically fucking can’t ? physically cant what? Bend our ankles like that Like what??? At steep angles! Bones fuse and prevent that if you don’t do it regularly as a kid. It’s the same reason we don’t climb trees like monkeys, whose ankles don’t have the same restrictions we do Human ankles don’t normally work like that! Iirc someone did an anatomical study and people of slavic descent have shallower hip sockets that allow that movement more easily as well. Yes! This was something we talked about in my physical anthropology class, that like, some people physically cannot slav squat just because of their bones and skeletal structure. Look until this post started going around I had no idea some people couldn’t do this??? Reblog and tag with whether you can slav squat or not. I amazed myself by doing it. My fat ass can barely squat period but I was able to to the flat foot thing.