Senior I love you Can we fuck? Freshman Yeah Senior BOONK GANG whole lotta gang shit Why do people think running a meme page is easy This probably the worse thing to ever happen to me Don't get me wrong I love my followers but I hate the hoes online and the fashionova promotions I'm tired of opening my dms to I love your page so much bro it would mean a lot to me if you shouted me out Most of the girls that I dm live on the other side of the world and would require me to use my nimbus to travel the seven seas for some pussy My mom constantly on my ass about running my data up Verizon be expensive too My phone always dead because I'm senselessly refreshing iG to not look awkward when I'm standing near a bad bitch Instagram be draining my battery too My phone be over heated all the time Phone has the inferno of 1000 hot pockets Once your friends find out you run a meme page they switch up All you gonna hear is yooo bro shout me out I don't even get a how you doing bro no more When people at my school found out I ran a meme page they asked 21 questions I don't wanna talk about my crippling depression that I use pictures with subtitles to fill that void When I post shoutouts people be in my ass Like damn fam can I get this 40 for this 8th about to smoke? I be seeing super sized titties oiled up booties in thongs from these insta thots all the time but let a meme be about white people homosexuality or feminist and I'm flagged quicker than I cum Fuck instagram we back on MySpace Meme





Hot Pockets






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