Seanan McGuire @seananmcguire Oh wow Little girl in full meltdown because when her mom packed movies for the trip she only packed the little boy's favorites 61317 402 PM 460 RETWEETS 1625 LIKES Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h Replying to @seananmcguire FINDING NEMO is just as good says Mom DORY IS A GIRL LIKE ME AND YOU ONLY BROUGHT BOYS LIKE HIM wails the girl I feel you kiddo わ2 51 925 Mom is now asking girl to be reasonable as apparently boy gets mad when he has to watch girl movies and You're more mature わ35 42 620 Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h I am so on this kid's side right now you have no idea 28 1121 Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h Little boy has joined conversation I like MOANA she likes MOANA we should do MOANA A protest singalong has begun h1 56 931 Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h Mom Don't disturb the other-- Both kids YOU'RE WELCOME YOU'RE WELCOME YOU'RE WELCOME Mom--passengers わ2 다 47 902 YOU SCREAM LIKE THE VENGEFUL MONSTERS YOU ARE CHILDREN YOU SCREAM ロ61 1149 Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h Update l am now on the mom's shit list for helping with the lyrics to Shiny Both children now shriek-singing SHIIIINYYYYYY I wirn 24 54 Seanan McGuireネ@seananmcgure·1h Little girl now singing How Far l'll Go while little boy has launched into Let It Go Mom appears to need a drink YOU EARNED THIS MOM 12 46 1047 Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h Mom You're disturbing people! Older woman with German accent Do you want to know how the song goes in German? GERMAN GRANDMOTHER NOW TEACHING US DISNEY SONGS IN GERMAN JAPANESE GRANDMOTHER INCHING CLOSER 15 136 Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h MOM LOOKS TRAPPED CHILDREN ARE DELIGHTED THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER 13 47 1428 Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h I am like 95% sure both of these grandmothers would adopt these children if given half a chance 29 1026 Seanan McGuire @seananmcguire·1h Japanese grandmother has a beautiful singing voice and is teaching us Do You Want To Build A Snowman? 10 52 Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire 1h We have attracted several more children and three more grandparents I feel my work here is done peaceheather linssweater This thread omg ALWAYS reblog Meme





Finding Nemo






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