Scott Hug Honey Fearichs Following @KaiserNeko Fun fact I once asked Jeff Goode creator of Jake Long American Dragon at a furry con How do you feel about people making lewd art of your characters? He said Oh Disney sat me down and showed me a bunch of Kim Possible porn and said 'This will happen to your show 1050 PM 26 Oct 2018 19 Retweets 42 Likes t19 42 thedarksideoflimbo Three things I find hilarious about this 1 Jeff Goode goes to Furry Cons 2 Disney acknowledges and prepares show creators that their show will most definitely become porn 3 Disney has examples on hand of how said show will most definitely become porn faeforge Pffft!!!!! Disney doesn't just have examples of said porn!! Ok story time Yeaaaars ago i dated an animator chick During that short time together we ran around a lot and met a bunch of industry people in our area One of them used to work for Disney So we are hanging out at his apartment and conversation being what it is he kinda says hold on and goes off to dig in the closet He comes back and sets down a couple STACKS and im talking foot high of printer paper What followed were a couple hours of hysterical laughing as we paged through a history of Disney animation- porn edition See Disney has this weird rule in their artist contracts- everything you create while in their employ is THEIRS Even in the off time Its one of the reasons they are reviled in the industry But the rule was set in place to basically steal good ideas from their staff or force them to ONLY work on Disney ip's while employed The jokes on them though They didn't count on most artists being giant perverts this story is also why i laugh when people tell me drawing smut will 'ruin your art career' So! Disney being bastards ended up earning them smut of everything they've ever created And also per their policies they had to keep it Every artist knew about the smut vault and our buddy here had photocopied a chunk of it Yes 2-3 feet of smut was just a chunk of it Snow white? Rescue rangers? Goofy? Minnie? Micky? Beauty and the beast? Aladdin? Yup you name it it was there Some of it was mild The topless little mermaid stuff made sense at least Some was raunchy as hell ALL OF IT in the animation style of the films and shows So yes not only does Disney know there will be porn have the porn but they official porn You're welcome Source maswartz 41 Tumblr Posts That Are Made To Improve Your Mood – Sarcasm Meme




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