schnee-amsel pink-hudy hello guys ! this is me red Hoshi pink hud for instagram and DAi know i don’t active here xD cuz i don’t have many fans here but yeah i will try to be active and post m work here but first i need help and i know may some of you can’t do it but only u can do is share m post ok here you go i’m just artist and fan of inuasha i have many ideas and work for inuyasha but sadly my time is really short and i can’t use drawing for fun cuz i’m working on commissions cuz i need it and i don’t have job so i’m trying my best I did not mean any kind of rudeness or materialism but i need support me on wwwpatreoncompinkhudy for only 1$ if i got many support I will focus more on Inuyasha project ❤️ again if u can’t do it it’s alright only u can do share it let me see how many u like my work here you go my instagram httpswwwinstagramcomred_hoshiDA httpswwwdeviantartcompink-hudyTwitter httpstwittercompinkhudyYouTube httpswwwyoutubecomchannelUCvSAc6egboQcY48CXfWONEg?view_as=subscriberthank you ❤️❤️❤️ Yay! @pink-hudy wants to be more active on tumblr! Can’t wait for more Inu Yasha drawings because they are just gorgeous and the story’s are so funny! 😍😍😍I‘m so proud to be one of her supporters on patreon 😌 wwwpatreoncompinkhudypink-hudy is creating Fan Art Comics and Manga Meme









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