Sal_Bundry_5TDs1Game 2h If this is true then you're dad must have messed something up pretty badly down the line because no reel man should be tearing up from reeding something like this He probably should of spent less time purchasing things and more time giving you lessons in being a man A few monthly punts to the head with a football some disciplining with a rough leather belt and kicking them out of the house a few times per year to fend on there own like I did with my son would of toughened you up a little bit put some heir on you're chest I myself may not be a perfect parent but for what it's worth I know for a fact that I reised a true man COMMENT ALTERATION # Whooooa Bundry! What is it with all these downloads? I cannot belief that you would disrespect someone who scored 5 touchdowns in 1 game in high school a worldwide cultural phenomenon in such a way I've never gotten a single download on the Rebbit so I'm sir prized that I'm suddenly receiving them now I am SHACKED! COMMENT ALTERATION # Are you f#cking kidding me here? You just keep on downloading me this is REDICULOUS!I know you wimps don't like to here the truth which I speak my word should be gospel to you if you know what's good for you but you don't have to bury my commint and destroy my high score for it I will not accept this bridgegating of my high quality contributions! Stop it or you'll live with rugrats that you can never reverse COMMENT ALTERATION # this helpful commint and I have received HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOWNLOADS This is truly a horror but since I know these downloads come from jealousy towards my manliness here is my plan My femanest boss at the sandal store is away today so I will be sneaking out of work for the rest of the day to play a game with my high school football buddies we'll use one of they're wife's favorite pauperweights he bought it for there anniversary 25 ears ago it's about as heavy as a good ol pigskin and has similar aerodynamics so it's perfect for a football game plus we just came up with the excuse that she lost it while doing paperwork it's fullprove and if I come back and see that the downloads have seized I will be like Mr Jesus and forgive you all but only if you stop downloading me now otherwise you'll personnely learn about the It's been an hour since I posted that is my fists he'll -530 Take a shot every time there is a mistake Meme

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