S LTE LTE ll 31% ll 31% 527 525 1 25m Like Reply s with at Children's Hospital Prayers for all! Oct 8 at 1127 AM Tacoma Washington Like Reply 17m Update on Prayers for all of you This post will be the last update on battle against cancer Like Reply 12m health has continued to rapidly decline body can no longer fight against the systemic infection The infection coupled with High THC RS0 cannabis oil kills cancer! the advancement of the cancer have started Hke Reply the process of shutting down his little body We have come to the conclusion that comfort is dependent on being in the hospital and having any and all resources available to keep him comfortable We will not be going home but instead staying at the hospital until js called home We are in this journey with you fighting in this fight Each breath has will be the best breath ever He still makess me smile and laugh through his pain My sadness and brokenness is nothing compared to In the past few days has had times of extreame pain and discomfort but we are working diligently with his Drs to do as much as we can to stay ahead of his pain with you and behind and in front of our baby girl and bonus son's journey has been an honor I love you all so much Walking beside GIF GIF Write a comment Write a comment II Fuck this person for commenting this on the the final update post of a 6 year old boy who is terminally ill Meme





I Love You



Children's Hospital



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