RULES FOR PLAYING DOMINOES nere are many ways of playing DominoesThe most popular game of all is the fellowing Place all the stones on the table FACE DOWNWARDS and shuf fle them then the lead is detemined by each player tuming the Domino con- taining the highest number of dots has the lead After the first game the lead- passes to the player on the left If only two players they lead altemately the stones must now be well shuffiled and each player takes an equal number pre- viously agreed upon leaving a certain number of Dominoes FACE DOWN- WARDS as stock to drow from and stands them up in front of him The faces of each player's stones must NOT be seen by other players After the leac'er has plced the first stone the player on the left tries'to match either and of the stones for instance if failing a doublehe has played fivethreethe player on the left must play one stone with a five or a three but only one stone each tum As illustrated below the leader has plaed the five-three the secondi playerthe three-four and the third player the five-blank The fourth player must now play one stone which has a three or a blank Should a player in his turm be unable to match either end he is oblinged to draw fron stock until he gets a stone he requires or until the stock is exhausted which is the case when only 2 stones are left in the stock If still unable to play he passes and the next on the left continues to play and so on A player is not obliged to play even if he is able to do se but may draw as many stones as he likes from stock When the stock is exhausted he must play if he can The game is fin- ished when one of the players has no more stones left or if all players are un- able to continue in which case the hand is won by the one who holds the low est number of dots and he scores not alone the dots held by himself but may also add those of his adversaries The game is won when a player has scored 100points or more Thought I was having a stroke reading these rules Meme

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