rosalindfranklinsnotes: redharvesting: billpottz: romesh ranganathan is the most passionate drunk history narrator of all time “That’s a whole bruvah!” CAPTIONS: Romesh Ranganathan, narrating the re-enactment in his English accented voice: Carnarvon’s half-brother, Mervyn Herbert—DEAD! Aubrey Herbert, his other half-brother—DEAD! That’s a whole brother! DEAD!!! Carter’s secretary, Carter’s secretary, he didn’t have nothin’ to do with it, he just typed the letters—DEAD! DEAD, mate! Murked! Can you believe that shit? There’s a CURSE!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? A CURSE, MATE! YEAH? YOU DON’T GO FUCKIN’ AROUND WITH SOMEONE’S TOMB! [Romesh pauses before continuing in a calm and casual voice] Are you gettin’ my socks in the shot ‘cause I don’t want you to.