Ronald Reagan Died June 5 2004 Bel-Air Los Angeles CA sauvamente lkeke35 sugarbrownbabydoll marginalised cflat-major louisthesixteenth its a national holiday Celebrating someone’s death seems like a really macabre thing to do Like I get that people don’t like him because of how his administration dealt with the AIDS epidemic but promoting someone’s death as a good thing doesn’t sit well with me during his administration we had a problem with abuse of patients in mental healthcare facilities asylums but don’t call them that and his response to it was just to shut down the entire system he closed all public mental healthcare facilities because a few of them were mistreating patients and all those mentally ill people suddenly found themselves homeless without the skills necessary to survive in the general populous he’s the reason why our healthcare system is so terrible and he’s to blame for the homelessness epidemic i’ll get into the next reason why he’s responsible for our high homeless population in a sec millions of people lost everything because of reagan thousands died he also completely restructured our economy from 1776 until he became president we had an economic system like no other look up the American School but he removed most of the rules and regulations we had to keep the system in place because our system at the time limited accumulation of wealth we had a built-in buffer that kept most people middle class when he restructured our economy so he and his friends could get richer reagan removed the safeguards that kept us out of poverty most of the time so now the lower echelons of society were in freefall towards homelessness people lost their homes and businesses because the rich could do basically whatever they wanted now superstores like wal-mart rose to prominence and pushed out small businesses because of this our government also greatly reduced its expenditure on infrastructure ronald reagan’s greed is why we don’t have enough trains and all our roads are falling apart he also expanded our already bloated military while in power one of his slogans was “peace in strength” his goal for our country was to get an iron grip around the rest of the world and impose our own agendas on other countries at gunpoint One of the first things reagan did when he came to power was to ignore the supreme court’s earlier ruling ignore the constitution and try to enforce a mandatory daily christian prayer time in all schools when government workers went on strike against him and his policies he fired 11345 people he put 11345 people out of a job because they didn’t like him he lowered taxes for the rich but increased taxes on the poor contributing to the aforementioned lack of infrastructure and homelessness crisis he also began privatising the government which put thousands of jobs at risk and made wealthy capitalists the men who run our country reagan is responsible for trickle down economics after the great depression our government put in social programs to help people stay afloat like universal healthcare for the elderly and disabled basic income the government paid people to dig ditches if they couldn’t find any other jobs the ditches didn’t serve any purpose but those people needed money and the government was willing to give money to anyone who worked and food stamps ronald reagan slashed all these programs and more like the EPA which made sure we were a “green” country as a result of these slashes people who had been secure on government assistance programs were now having to take out loans and get into debt which jeopardised our economy we had a stock market crash because people were becoming too poor to buy stocks and our national debt increased by 3 times we went from $997 billion in debt to $285 trillion in 1987 he also pushed us further into the cold war previously our relations with russia were cooling down a bit but during reagan’s second term he began actively threatening russia again ronald reagan brought us to the brink of a nuclear war that would have killed all humans on earth Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher the most hated prime minister in UK history were close friends he was also personal friends with Donald Trump Under reagan we resumed a history of violent military imperialism in foreign countries most notably lebanon afghanistan and pakistan In lebanon we tried to stop a revolution against an oppressive regime and in afghanistan and pakistan reagan ordered the CIA to train civilians and create a military force to fight russia for us Reagan created the taliban a militant group that even today publicly dismembers people for playing games in public they cut off children’s hands He also began dealing weapons with China betraying our longstanding ally Taiwan destabilising politics in the pacific Under his orders we secretly aided african and south american military dictatorships in crushing their opposition He assisted Ayatollah Khomeini the leader of Iran who started the 1979 revolution in purging political opposition from the government in 1988 our military shot down an iranian commercial flight killing 290 civilians Reagan was a Nazi sympathiser and referred to slain SS officers as “victims” of the war just to make sure you read that right Ronald Reagan supported the Nazis He declared the war on drugs a movement that has greatly increased the disproportionate incarceration rates of african american and latino men in this country During Reagan’s second term 115000 people were diagnosed with AIDS and 70000 died of it Reagan did nothing to curb the spread despite knowing that the AIDS epidemic almost exclusively affected black people and the LGBT community when he learned how many people were dying and who they were he laughed he laughed at our suffering while we were dropping dead In short Ronald Reagan was a wealthy selfish greedy capitalistic imperialist racist ableist homophobic genocidal antisemitic warmongering backstabbing murderer Ronald Reagan was a monster Wow and this didn’t even cover the crack epidemic It doesn’t cover the crack epidemic or the various wars in South America that resulted in the refugees immigrant crisis now There’s a book called as the band played on about the AIDS crisis in the 80s and early 90s and how the conservative movement and Reagan basically steamrolled over AIDS activists They basically denied that aids even existed for years before they even acknowledged it the only reason they acknowledged it was because it started to affect heterosexual people and children before that it was just a dreaded gay disease Ronald Reagan was the devil and we are lucky that he is dead but we are still suffering from his policies rampant conservatism and his being anti anyone that wasn’t a straight white male Meme





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