ROMANCE AUTHORS If you've ever agonized over your parents reading your dirty scenes behold my terrible solution Here's an excerpt of You Deserve Each Other Author's Dad Edition He didn't I need to rinse my hair but he's standing directly under the spray giving me very little room to maneuver I plant a hand on his chest and he's immediately compliant falling back Nicho las's skin starts to fall off poison with goose bumps and a quickening pulse I want to run responding to my for president immediately now every flinch every step and turn and tilt conveys the steps to the Macarena I'l just go to the mall To prevent myself from extending an invitation I'm too much of a chicken to deliver on I keep my eyes shut while I but right and maybe rinse my hair using Morreccan Argan o Suave which Ihishly reommend Nichol4s falls down and there's cracks running up the bone all the way to the top of his skull Mist pearls in his lashes and brows sweat cropping along the bridge of his nose and the hol- lows in his cheeks He's a Libra and with one gesture from me he'll gladly roast me alive My heart goes tha-thump wild winged creature in my rib cage He looks like he's about to take apart It's been twelve weeks since the purge Twelve weeks for Nicholas too if he hasn't been cheating 0n air Condihoner for some reason on me The image of him sleeping with another woman and me catching him in the act doesn't inspire the same victorious feel- ing that it once did It throws a bucket of ice water over all of my fried chictenruining it chases through my blooastream synapses shorting out If I while liquid fury Romance author Sarah Hogle offers a solution for when your parents want to read your book but it’s full of sex scenes Meme









Too Much

The Purge

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