Richard Osman @richardosman 1h Travelling to Cambridge We just picked up a load of extra passengers from a broken down train This was what happened to their train 18 458293 Richard Osman They'd stopped at Stevenage where an American woman got on As the train pulled out she cried My daughter is still on the platform! 28 37422 Richard Osman richardosman 1h Sympathy everywhere someone has number of station and rings Woman understandably getting hysterical Goes to pull emergency cord 38 3 367221 Richard Osman Someone tells her train can't stop til the next station 5 minutes away so not to pull the cord She does anyway Totally fair enough 48 371216 Richard Osman richardosman 1h Passengers soothe the woman reassure her until they reach next station At next station train is taken out of service because of cord 58 3 369215 Richard Osman @richardosman 1h But no-one complains because they want the sobbing mother reunited with her daughter The driver arrives at the carriage 68 370 222 Richard Osman 1h s He hears the story is incredibly professional and reassuring and comforting He gets word from Stevenage that her daughter is fine 778 3 3712 Richard Osman@richardosman 1h And in front of a carriage of people whose train is now out of service she says no word of a lie Thank goodness my husband was with her 48424 American woman accidentally leaves her daughter on a British train platform Meme







5 Minutes Away




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