Retailers Admit To Not Ordering Any Motor Crush #1 Because It Has A Black Female Lead FLETCHER STEWART TARR #2 FLETCHER STEWART TARR #S-5399 42 shadesoforlando genquerdeer rnortal please support motor crush its a new comic with a black lesbian lead with lovely art style and an intricate plot about motorcycle lesbians & their rival gangs POST A FUCKING COMIXOLOGY LINK HERE you get 140 pages about 7 standard issues for SIX BUCKS you get it instantly in a comic you can read online It’s like fucking Steam for comics The comic itself is made by the team responsible for New52 Batgirl Babs Tarr Cameron Steward Brendan Fletcher so if you liked their run on Batgirl* you will like this book! * - the one where Batgirl moves to Burnside and during which Batgirl’s trans woman friend had a lesbian wedding So a bit of an update because even I was confused on what was going on with the series at the moment…The comic didn’t sell enough to warrant single issues so it’s been on a long hiatus since the middle of 2018 But the good news is that it is still being produced in trade paperback format and it is coming back real real soon! The next trade release is expected to be in July of this year and I cannot stress enough how important it is to preorder if you want the series to keep going especially considering how it’s likely going to be stocked in even fewer stores due to its new format If you still need to be convinced on why you should pick it up it has the following A cool future world about livestreamed entertainment Motorcycle racing during the day with Illegal street racing at night Black lesbian lead with a CANON GIRLFRIEND who she’s trying to get back with when the story starts Extremely good art by Babs Tarr who many Critical Role fans may recognize from Pub Draw! Seriously I can’t state enough that the black lesbian lead isn’t just queerbaiting or some kind of doomed scenario So what are you waiting for? You can preorder Volume 3 on Amazon HERE And if you still haven’t read this amazingly cool street racing mindfuck of a series… IT IS ALL ON SALE RIGHT NOW! 4102019 AND YOU CAN GET THE FIRST TRADE PAPERBACK FOR FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS AND THE WHOLE SERIES FOR ABOUT TWELVE Meme










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