relyonloveonceinawhile whoopsrobots equilateralwaffle kotsuso sophygurl blindly-nostalgic itseasytoremember itseasytoremember itseasytoremember itseasytoremember every day the same telemarketing company calls us I’ve asked to be taken off their calling list I’ve tried to be civil I’ve even tried to not answer the phone yet they’ll keep calling So now I’ve resorted to making the phones calls as annoying as possible for them Today I asked the person to hold while I got a pen and paper As of now they’ve been waiting 45 minutes Update I just asked him if he was still there then when he said yes i told him i had found a pen but no paper but that i’m still looking It’s been an hour I HAVE LITERALLY BEEN ON TUMBLR AND YOUTUBE WHILE THIS GUY WAITS IT’S BEEN ALMOST AN HOUR AND A HALF Update After an hour and 35 minutes I told him that i had found paper but my pen was dead He hung up Ah well i’ll just do it again tomorrow! You are the future As a former telemarketer I can tell you that the only reason that guy hung on the line for so long was because he didn’t really want to make any more calls anyway and was probably reading a book or chatting with friends while you pretended to find paper and pen He was enjoying your mischief as much if not more than you were You literally gave this guy an acceptable reason to take an hour and a half break You are his hero He likely only finally hung up because it was officially his break time anyway He probably told all his co-workers about your call and they’ll be laughing about it for weeks Holy shit is this a happy ending to a post where everybody actually wins? ACTUALLY YES because according to parental unit number one telemarketers get paid by how long they’re on the phone with someone so you were literally helping this friend get paid by doing absolutely shit vive la resistance Chaotic Good Meme

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