RANKING THE MARVEL FILMS Over the past two weeks my son Dewey watched or rewatched the 22 films in the #MarvelComicsUniverse - ranking them from worst to first This was a tough task as there is no bad film in the Marvel oeuvre - so rating the films took on the much more difficult task of looking at degrees of goodness or greatness as opposed to just picking out the clunkers and declaring the winners Feel free to disagree no one will ever agree on everything but see if this list does for you what it did for me-and make you want to see the ones you haven’t seen or maybe revisit a few old favorites Personally I loved the #Hulk movie and would have it in my top ten for sure But I’m partial to The The Incredible Hulk as he was my childhood favorite I have a streak of almost 10 years of uninterrupted Hulk issues going from 1975-1984 including Hulk #181 the origin of The Wolverine More than anything I’m impressed with my son’s knack for spotting effective storytelling and character development I wonder where he got that from See what you think and feel free to leave a comment #22 The Incredible Hulk - This story is a total downer Was I ever supposed to feel happy while watching this movie? This was not your typical “origin story” as it was basically an unofficial sequel to the 2003 Hulk film To me the film lacked character and a purpose While parts of the first act in Brazil were promising the rest was tiresome asking myself why I should care about what my eyes were watching and my brain was processing Easily the most forgettable of the 22 MCU films #21 Captain America Civil War - A film that shows that the Avengers’ actions have major consequences What began as a truly promising film because of conflict within the Avengers fell to the wayside when it became evident the story didn’t exactly matter because the action was the focal point in the film The action ROCKED but felt superfluous And poor Zemo His family died in Sakovia but WHO cares? Certainly not me I wasn’t given a reason to care about Zemo In theory this film was an excellent idea but it lacked potency #20 Captain America The First Avenger - A cute little story of Steve Rogers He just wants to serve his country dammit! Thank goodness for that experimental serum I wasn’t really a fan of Chris Evans in this film and there wasn’t anything too memorable up until the last 10 minutes or so which were awesome Good origin story that left me wondering what is next for Captain America #19 Iron Man - This was a nice way to establish the film that started it all” and while there was nothing wrong with it most of the other MCU films were just better Good start in the transformation of Tony Stark’s character Nothing in this film made me go “Heck Yeah!” Original F bomb changed by dad A good start to the MCU but to me that’s all it really was #18 Thor - Out of all the MCU films I wanted to like this one the most It had some outstanding camerawork and attention to detail in those shots It felt good to have a confident Superhero and it showed in Thor's budding relationship with Jane which I enjoyed Hemsworth and Portman had great chemistry and their relationship although somewhat brief felt organic and intimate Both felt the magic in the air and rather than beating around the bush like many relationships in the MCU they both went for it The succession story between Thor Loki and their father was one that feels unappreciated in the MCU and its strain on Loki lead to excellent character development not just in the Thor trilogy but throughout many other Marvel films #17 Iron Man 3 - Tony Stark’s vulnerabilitiesanxietyPTSD give this a different feel from the rest of the MCU flicks Even while recuperating from the events of New York this is mainly a standalone film which isn't the worst thing It allows the viewer to remember Tony Stark is still a human being and not just a suit of armor I also liked how this film solidified Don Cheadle War MachineIron Patriot as a legit player in the MCU and a great friend to Tony in a time of need 16 Thor The Dark World - I don’t like the term ‘soft’ but the first half of this film was just that There was a severe issue in the first 75 minutes to make this movie meaningfulmemorable but if you continued watching after the boring stuff the rest of it was pretty great Really liked the Brothers of Deception storyline between Thor & Loki Their inflated egos really shined I know many don't like this film but watching it in 2019 you can sense its importance as it relates to #Endgame Side note I'll always love you Natalie Portman #15 Iron Man 2 - Lots of good fun aesthetically pleasing action Enjoyed Mickey Rourke as a believable heel who didn't acquire his powers via a bug bite or a natural disaster but rather by building them because of his issue with Iron Man Watching this in 2019 Sam Rockwell’s character really makes this film feel timely as he basically poses as our current President of the United States Such a great dancer too #14 Spider-Man Homecoming - It feels good to have a friendly neighborhood Superhero added into the mix I felt the storytelling was a little wishy-washy & a tad plain but I think that may have been intentional Plus the action in the second half of the flick made up for it I really hated Michael Keaton in this filmbut in a good way He did his job and I liked Spider-Man because he did his It’s a feel-good movie with some twists The Peter - Happy dynamic & Peter - Tony dynamic is really what made this film enjoyable #13 Thor Ragnarok - I legit LOL’d a lot during this movie Felt good for Marvel to take a different direction with this one That Thor is a good actor and he has some good chemistry with Tessa Thompson I enjoyed kicking back and watching this #12 Doctor Strange - An absolute necessary to get to the inevitable that was Infinity War and Endgame Rachel McAdams and Cumberbatch had excellent chemistry I enjoyed visiting the internal struggle that Strange endured If you want to use your brain this is the film for you #11 Ant-Man and The Wasp - An excellent post-Infinity War hangover film Not too hot Not too cold Just right A perfect balance of tellng the story of the quantam realm as it relates to the Langs and the Pyms while setting up the upcoming film in the future The first film was so much fun but this film helped cement Ant-Man as a true Superhero #10 Ant-Man - This character sounds so gimmicky but it will have you smiling throughout There aren’t many who can pull off the character of Scott Lang but Paul Rudd seems to be born for the role It’s one of those films that you can’t take too serious until you realize the film has some serious major implications on the MCU as a whole and before you know it you’re cheering Ant-Man on in his battle to save the universe while he fights a yellow jacket inside of a briefcase Silly but extremely satisfying and a ton of fun #9 Captain America The Winter Soldier- The violence in this film was some of the best I’ve seen in the MCU Rogers seemed more crisp and actually felt like a Superhero compared to the initial films he was in Natasha felt like an actual character rather than a piece of eye candy in a skin tight suit Anthony Mackie’s character was fresh & felt like an important piece in the MCU from the get-go The battles were excellent not so dependent on spaceships and fighter jets The Bucky and Steve dynamic was the icing on top of a solid movie #8 Captain Marvel - Very big fan of the script the acting the CGI the action mostly everything The story was a bit jumpy but what I like the most is that Carol Danvers is basically the most relatable and likeable character in the MCU and it didn't take a few films to realize this Excellent chemistry between Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson The film was easy to understand but still allowed the viewer to put the pieces together rather than feeling too “paint-by-numbers” I'm excited to see what happens next for her #7 The Avengers - This film is just so good the kind of good that will often be taken for granted It’s witty The band finally united There’s a clear antagonist that you want to see fail but even while Loki is the bad guy he shines brighter than the scepter he carries The loss of Agent Coulson hit me harder than it should’ve He was a good dude And that big purple guy allllll the way at the end I wonder what he’s up to these days #6 Guardians of The Galaxy 2 - They STILL haven’t kissed?! Come on already! It’s the art of the tease at its finest and I’m here for it To be honest I was so unimpressed when I first watched this last year because there was so much talk but this time I understood the magnitude of all the relationships and friendships and moments that the dialogue built to This was a sensational film that didn't let me down when I fully understood the plot this time around Star Lord felt like a damn Superhero in this flick #5 Avengers Infinity War - How insane it is how some stones can lead to such an incredible story that lead to this film Outstanding effects graphics script etc There were some holes in the plot but most of them were covered by the fact that everything must happen specifically because there's only one way in 14 million possibilities that The Avengers will win the war The storytelling was so spectacular and the ending was so freaking sad Thanos I hope you get what's coming for ya! #4 Avengers Age of Ultron - It started off convenient that all The Avengers were fighting side-by-side Why couldn't they've helped each other between Avengers I and II? Anyway I really loved the playful banter between characters and absolutely appreciated the hell out of the character building of Hawkeye Natasha and Banner One of the most underrated moments in the MCU came when Pietro in his first day as an Avenger sacrificed himself for Hawkeye and a little boy It was heartbreaking and his death represented the true risks The Avengers take in trying to save the world on a constant basis This film felt important because we saw The Avengers meshing as one unit taking on all comers even an AI antagonist created by Tony Stark himself Underrated movie that you should revisit if given the chance #3 Guardians of The Galaxy - GOTG is such a huge breath of fresh air not just for Superhero films but for all films Peter Quill is so likable yet so douchey and it's the best Starlord is a rockstar any way you look at it Such great back-and-forth tension between Peter and Gamora KISS already! This film is full of easy to understand yet totally effective storytelling mechanisms It’s basically the origin story of 5 Superheroes and it’s told so brilliantly Quill Gamora Drax Groot and Rocket Raccoon all carry different sorts of baggage that helps the viewer become attached to them almost instantaneously which in turn makes their ultimate fates so enticing to follow throughout the MCU films But in this specific movie they have nothing to losethat is until The Guardians realize they can’t lose one another They are Rudolph’s Island of Misfit Toys They are the Guardians of The Galaxy #2 Black Panther - Wakanda Forever The atmosphere The importance The feel This movie to me is on a whole other level King T’Challa realizes his nation’s advancements have been holding back the rest of the world because he's not sharing Wakanda's secrets and The Black Panther decides to go against everything his nation has ever known and spread Wakanda’s knowledge to the rest of the world Out of all the MCU films this will be the one I watch most Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan were so freaking great Loved the diversity of the film and never once did it feel “forced” or “in your face” I felt like I was transported to Wakanda at certain points in the film From start to end this could end up being the most solid movie Marvel’s ever put together #1 - Endgame was a beautiful masterpiece To watch all these films in less than two weeks and to feel so attached to the characters and the moments was a beautiful thing I don’t know if the perfect film exists but for me this was as close as it gets An insane culmination of the 45+ hours of MCU films that came before #Endgame It may have been the end but it left me wanting more! So much chemistry character development and character arcs came full circle in this amazing film Part of the journey is the end but this movie will live on forever 209 PM Meme


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