rleagueoflegends Posted by uHammerhead1017 4 hours ago Clash is the best experience I ever had in league of legends Tryharding as a group of 5 vs other 5 people is the most fun I have ever had win or lose The game felt so different then ranked solo queue I felt no stress and no pressure that I will get flamed hard if I do a mistake or that my mid laner will run it down mid if I dont give them my blue buff I just played a ranked game and I feel that there is such a huge difference I think that riot should make clash as a huge priority and try to get it up as soon as possible Even though it failed multiple times in the past the last test was a success and I think that this could be the best addition to league ever I had fun as well The adc of my team said 1 hour before clash alright guys imma head out and party this night sorry for not telling you earlier My toplane replied well i will go with you So we were left with my gf on mid a friend of mine on top and me in jungle Gf then said we can play tomorrow right? Can i go to the party as well? i agreed to her so we were left as 2 Decided to spam Arams And because we were the 2 that were the most hyped were very angry and decided to not play on saturday Well skip forward to the next day my gf kissed another dude while being wasted as hell I was bummed out for the rest of the day but it got better after taking a short sleep Gf then told me she will play clash with others which was fine cuz i did not want to play it at all Friend of mine played in a team and i was alone Fck yea best weekend 1010 would do it again 3 hours ago 393 points Hardstuck d5 yi main Nikspeeder Reply Give Award Share Report Save I feel bad for him Meme

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