raww uBabykins91d ireddit She's only been here five days but she's completely melted my heart @DrSmashlove I see that stolen-appropriated clothing is encouraging just as much excitement as the hygiene discussion 😁 One of my lil homegirls text me “I legit gave basketball shorts to a guy the other night 🙈 IT WASNT AN EX BOYFRIENDS THO IT WAS FROM HIGH SCHOOL HE WAS JUST A FRIEND I BORROWED THEM FOR OPPOSITE SEX DAY 😂😂” Men y’all be careful now U ain’t een gotta date a girl for her to steal yo sh!t! It could be a friend! I’m starting to notice that in addition to savagery u women got kleptomania in yo bloodfinna start locking up all my belongings whenever ANY woman enter my cribeven my sistersSmash ain’t taking no chances - I love my lil sister but come to think of it she was eyeing my VitaMix a lil too hard last time she slid thru my spot 🤔 - baby u hella dear to me but u gotta get yo own VitaMix 🤗😂 Now then on my last post one of my followers said “it’s just a pair of shorts they’re clean shut up and put them onbut you will not sit on my couch bare ass!!😒” Hold up 🤔 HolTF up We not suppose to do that? Like that’s rude? Bruv I ain’t been living right 😂 Brother like me after laying pipe? I sit ALL on the damn couchor any other surface for that matter Matter fact I walk around her whole apartment room to room like a cot damn king Like Borat Said bruv “king in de castle king in de castle ☺️” U feel me? I just skretched the lil Nani out bruv? Gave it a workout? Lil Punani CrossFit bruv? PunaniFit® lol? I’m king in de castle now But all this time I’m suppose to wear another man’s b-ball Shorts so as not to leave my NutPrint®? Woman I’m Hygienic af Ain no NutPrint® gwan over here But even if I DID leave such a print u gon get this NutPrint® I’m a dawg And a dawg always gon leave his mark U don’t get one without the other If dating women means we gon ‘lose’ our favorite garments u gotta deal with the fact that u gon get this NutPrint® Bless up 🤗😂😂😂 Meme




Bless up







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