rAskReddit What perfectly true story of yours sounds like an outrageous lie? RamsesThePigeon 13d 17h Just up the street from my apartment in San Francisco there was one of those fast food restaurants that was either a KFC or a Taco Bell depending on the angle from which it was viewed The establishment was a frequent stopping point for students coming from the nearby college and those students were a frequent target for a remarkably bright crow Now on most days the bird in question would just hang around the restaurant as well as other ones nearby and scavenge for scraps Every once in a while though - I saw this happen twice and had it happen to me once - it would enact a much more complex scheme than simply going through the gutter The crow had apparently discovered that money could be exchanged for food so it would wait until it saw a likely mark squawk at them to get their attention then pick up and drop a coin Anyone who responded would witness the bird hopping a few feet away then following its victim toward the source of its next snack When the crow approached me it dropped a nickel on the ground I stooped picked up the coin and then jumped slightly when the bird made a noise that sounded not unlike Taco!' Needless to say I bought that crow a taco The final out-of-pocket cost for me minus the nickel was something like >lT5 Even so I figured a bird that smart deserved a reward simply for existing Of course that was probably exactly what I was supposed to think TLDR A crow paid me five cents to buy it a taco onyourleftbooob nadiaoxford I don’t have a hard time believing this Meme




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Taco Bell


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