rAmItheAsshole Posted by u X 8m wanted a traditional family Turns out my BF and I are cool with us and a dog But the adoptionIVF debate made me realize I don't like kids My procon list on reason to have themnot have them was more cons AITA for not speaking to some babies? So after work this evening I needed to stop for some dinner so I went to Hell-Mart I was in and out grabbed what I needed Congregated by the than pros self-checkouts were these women with cart-fulls of So I walked past them and went to a check-out terminal I heard one of the mom's saying something like Oh it's okay guys some people are just mean doesn't mean you have to be I ignored them because all I really wanted to do was go home children ages baby-45 They were saying hello to everyone who walked past while the mothers smiled on and encouraged them to speak to strangers Now I'm not feeling well today I'm on my period I'm bleeding heavier than usual my depression is exacerbated due to my hormonal depression I was hungry and starting to get faint and irritable I really really just wanted to get home and have something to eat and relax When I'm on my period I get these awful pains in my hips and sciatica making it very hard for me to walk I work retail so a lot of my job is standing I had to wear heels to work because I stayed over at my boyfriend's last night and they were the only shoes I had which made the pain As I'm walking through the lot to my car the women were behind me calling for me to stop I have a tendency to drop things so I did stop That's when they set in on me for ignoring their kids I got called everything from evil to cunt I got accused of some pretty gross thingsfor ignoring the children They even followed me to my car and harassed me while I loaded my car I told them to fuck off One of the responded go fuck yourself asshole go kill yourself worse Then they walked off It kind of put me into straights I'm emotional right now so I started crying Now I'm not even sure if I'm okay with not speaking to them But then the rational part of my brain says that I don't have to speak to anyone if I don't feel like it So these little kids are waving at me and yelling their hellos at me I really really really don't like children It's mostly due to some health concerns I've had in the last couple years I got diagnosed with infertility Especially because these kids and their moms were I'm okay with it now and have actually realized I didn't actually want kids as much as I thought I wanted a traditional family Turns out my BF and I are AITA? engaging anyone who spoke to them in conversation and I just wasn't up for it AwardA Vote 4 Vote Share 21 Share Award 21 Add a comment Add a comment O You know I highly doubt you were told to kill yourself over not waving at a kid Meme











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