quecksilvereyes blackqueerblog Some parents really don’t understand the difference between actual discipline and hurting your kids This teaches a kid nothing except needing to hide what makes them happy because they’re scared their parents will destroy it also????? wake up your kid if they don’t hear their alarm????? dont do this???? I get the point on needing to be able to wake up by himself but 1 - alarms don’t promote that either and 2 - he’s 9If he’s sleeping in especially at a younger age? There’s something wrong Kids tend to wale up early have high energy etc He’s either unable to sleep at night due to the monotony of the day not taking up enough energy or being in lockdown has been affecting his mental health which will make him more tired or maybe he’s feeling ill and sees no reason to mention it because it won’t affect anything or who knows what else Don’t punish your kid for sleeping late make sure they’re okay and maybe if they feel they need more sleep add an extra hour on in the morning or something Saying that if he doesn’t wake up on time there will be consequences which will stress him out and stop him sleeping maybe even motivating him to stay up all night instead of risking oversleeping We don’t have control over when we wake up and if he’s sleeping through alarms something needs to change Maybe even changing the sound will help but you gotta try and find a solution to whatever is causing him to oversleep not make him feel bad for it and in the process lose his trustAlso just so you know postive reinforcement giving a reward and negative reinforcement temoving something bad - such as painkillers removing a headache work miles better than punishment destroying something they love and are proud of Meme











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