Q QUART2 1m ago Revenge of the Mouse Disney is pulling all of its content from Netflix and launching its own streaming service Press for more kyraneko paper-backstab lesbianrey ive had enough of this dude the purpose of a streaming service is so that I can have what I want when I want for lower than the price of cable like if companies keep making their content exclusive no one is gonna watch it cause we can’t afford 15 different streaming services this is greedy and I hate it + I’m just gonna find a way to torrent this stuff out of spite !!!! like I understand Netflix originals and shit like that but this is inherently different like do they expect me to pay for Netflix AND another service? no way in hell they just won’t get my money and they won’t be getting the money from Netflix either since they’re pulling out of their library They aren’t putting this into effect until 2018 so watch while you can This is why people pirate The ONE THING people really wanted dreamed of hoped for when this whole video over the internet thing started happening is that you could drop ten or fifteen bucks a month on a service and get any damn movieTV show you wanted whenever you wanted all in one place And apparently we can’t have nice things in this world because what happens instead is everybody wants to run their own streaming service and clutter our devices up with a zillion different apps and push us into buying theirs with exclusive content and pretty soon it’s just as bad as cable’s “you have to buy a package of 120 channels because we’ve put the six channels you actually use in different brackets” which is like two-thirds of the reason everybody hates cable I really hope the next big thing from the piracy crowd is an app that you pay them for and they buy Netflix and Hulu and Disney accounts and the app will play ANYTHING for you by sorting out which service distributes it and logging into that service with an open account and delivering it to your device Meme











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