Q Posts Do you think kids should be consulted before their parent has a child by another woman? I just found out my ex and his wife are having a baby together They have only been married since July and apparently planned this baby My ex says she is 30 and childless and wanted to be a mom In my opinion you give up that dream the moment you decide to marry a man that already has kids I am livid! My daughter wasn't that upset until I pointed out to her that now her dad will have even less time for her and instead of every weekend he will probably cut it down to every other weekend He didn't say that was his plan but he will probably be picking up extra hours assuming his lazy wife will most likely quit her job now Now she says she doesn't want a little sister or brother I think it is so irresponsible of him to start another family and leave our daughter behind he didn't even ask me or our daughter if this was ok My parents and even my best friend think I am overreacting but I stand by this he needed to get our permission be about having another kid Am I right or wrong? This is a decision that will impact our child for the rest of her life and he says it's not up to a child to decide He is New ults Get Ton e even thinking Free Sh tairysess Gat Cure Worldwic so selfish! English U Français I Like Comment Prvacy Cooas Like Share Comment Ex wife mad that new wife didn’t ask permission before getting pregnant Meme


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