Me on a date: “oh word u studied psychology wow lol. Then u bartended then lived in Japan haha that’s wild oh now u in graduate post bachelor fellowship doctorate defending your thesis that’s CRAZY oh u got a new apartment by the water wow that’s dope yeah I like that area wait I think it’s a coffee shop I got to YEAH lol that’s such a coincidence we probably have been in line together that’s crazy wow ok yeah that’s nuts lol.” Her: “and this is weird but I also kinda like pain(?) Like SOME pain lol IDK I’M WEIRD OMG WHY DO I SAY THESE THINGS 🤦‍♀️.” Me: “WELL U GOT MY ATTENTION 🤔🤤.” 😂😂😂 p.s. I’m waiting for the inevitable “omg the dog is cute but wtf is the caption” BISH EXACTLY. WTF IS THIS BOZO WHO POSTS CUTE DOGS AND RIDICULOUS CAPTIONS WELCOME TO MY LIVING ROOM HERE’S A DRINK MAKE YASELF COMFY IT GON GET WEIRD BLESS UP 😍😂😂😂