princessnijireiki bogleech bogleech A rare giant hellbender salamander found dead because some hiker’s rock-stacking collapsed on herI didn’t even know rock stacking was a thing until this year but there are many ways it disrupts the environment *Ever since it caught on as a form of white hipster “meditation” there are actually so many hikers who stack rocks now as a hobby that it collectively pollutes streams with sediment that the rocks would otherwise be filtering and reduces the populations of countless organisms that grow and nest among said rocks httpwwwwideopenspacescomrock-stacking-natural-graffitti-ecological-impact httpswwwsmithsonianmagcomsmart-newsstacking-rocks-wilderness-no-good-180955880 httpwwwtakepartcomarticle20160825new-graffiti-national-parks-fight-stone-stackers It’s also weird and by weird I mean utterly predictable how when I first saw this hipster rock stacking thing taking off it was in specific emulation of inuksuit other Native cairn practices as the new wave appropriated meditation flavor of the moment It was a blip on my radar because I’m not tapped into like… white upper middle class hipster earthy-crunchiness— my dad does earthy-crunchy for a living I lived in the deep woods for three years so fucking with rocks streams for no reason genuinely feels like the biggest waste of time I can imagine while hiking— and tbh I think I only heard about it bc of the blatant appropriation thing But it truly is amazing… how with nothing with nothing some people still find a way to destroy everything around them Because they “love nature” insofar as it can be used consumed by them for entertainment or a brief vacation in the same way as they “love” the people they steal culture from but not enough to respect that they are visitors in a living ecosystem that does not exist for their consumption or as their playthings And so they don’t believe their actions have negative impacts because that requires enough self awareness to view the world around them as not needing their input and to view themselves as an invasive or destructive force by way of that uninvited meddling turned hobby Meme











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