prettyeyezciya jess-curious dynastylnoire hugochillingsworth onlyblackgirl bruddabois sobeitjay catmasterfunk thehighpriestofreverseracism This is beautiful i will literally never not reblog this do people really say that Yea I’ve heard people say that shit Yes they say it all the time httpinstagramcommiryamlumpini Here’s her account her tattoos are so fantastic to look at reblogging for the tattoo artists IG to be boosted I keep seeing this post and I’ve gotta speak up on it because that isn’t a good example of color on dark skin I’m a tattoo artist and I’ve had a bunch of clients come in saying they were told dark skin can’t take any color whatsoever which is bullshit The long and short of it is dark skin can take plenty of color provided it isn’t too light Tattoos look best when they’re fresh because the ink is still on the top layer of open skin As the skin heals over the tattoo the color gets less vibrant and defined This is true of anybody of any skin tone Tattoo pigments tend to act a lot like watercolor they’re not terribly opaque in the skin meaning that as that tattoo ages the white will fade into patches of slightly lighter skin and may disappear altogether as will lighter colors like yellows and pinks Many artists consider doing tattoos entirely or mostly in white ink to be irresponsible for that reason and use white ink very sparingly to create small highlights in places where even faded ink will add contrast Notice how the yellow is all but gone on even the lightest skin while the deeper reds have stayed And that isn’t even factoring in sun exposure how often the skin is submerged in water friction or how the skin in the area bends and flexes I know extremely pale people who lost all the color in their tattoos in 5 years due to a variety of those factors I’m pale as they come and the yellow in my oldest tattoo is only 2 years old and already super faded Color that lasts a long time is darker and more saturated than the skin it’s in See how the butterfly is still noticeably purple and stands out in all the skin tones? Teals yellows pinks and whites photograph beautifully in dark skin but ultimately don’t have longevity as tattoos Dark skin however can still take reds blues greens purples and browns beautifully! The best way to make color vivid in any skin is to put it in a strong black outline tattoos like the one below will look like bruises as they age and the fading color doesn’t have structured black to contrast and frame it Here’s some color on dark skin that will age well! The yellows in this tattoo are very saturated and framed in lots of solid black even if they fade the fish will stay nice and vibrant Similarly the white in this tattoo will definitely lighten but the dark reds and blacks will hold the tattoo together very well Tldr have a solid black outline make sure the colors you pick are darkermore saturated than your own skin and don’t rely too heavily on white These are basic tattoo principles that can and should be used when deciding on any tattoo regardless of skintone Hope it helps! Reblogging for the amazing fucking information I just received on tattoos Meme










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