President Donald Trump implemented a MuslimBan that stopped Muslim refugees and immigrants from certain countries entering America This went to the extent whereby people who have lived in America for years and were RETURNING back from a country on the ban list were refused reentry The thought of even attempting to apply such ludicrous legislation is shocking to say the least Why should someone's religious belief or place of birth prevent them from entering America? Hearing all of this truly sunk the hooks of injustice deep into my heart It's such a scary world we live in feels like unimaginable things are materialising in sight I'm thankful to see so many well known figures express outrage publicly and so many citizens protesting in the streets and airports of America People of all faiths and ethnicities came together united to stand against this injustice You are all the heroes of our today Shortly after a US judge issued a temporary halt allowing those detained at the airports to enter the country This however is not a permanent fix and does not solve the bigger issue at hand I myself am going to America in April Some people have asked me are sure you're allowed in? My initial propensity is to think of course I am! After all I'm a British citizen why wouldn't I be? But then deep down of course i'm not naive to not know that sadly flying whilst being Muslim has its own reserved implications Furthermore after all this chaos I can't help but feel even more fearful and confused about the potentiality of what could happen There's so many airport stories about innocent Muslims being detained over pedantic things Imagine they dig THIS very piece of writing and question me about it? Above all else it's this type of injustice that fuels hate crime and divides our planet I urge everyone to use their voices in whatever capacity they can to learn and speak out about the MuslimBan This isn't about politics it's about right and wrong Just ask yourself in regards to this whole era what will be taught in the history lessons of our future children? It's all of our duty to create and put forward a moral and loving world for those after us Meme










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