postmarxed emmersdrawberry postmarxed postmarxed bitchface—mcgee postmarxed gaycholita sickly-momo postmarxed gaycholita postmarxed postmarxed postmarxed postmarxed postmarxed postmarxed moosers wh……… Hey uh if you go to that blog And click that link The binary in the image from the blog post translates to the password you need here which gets you this And that url takes you here I don’t have any idea what the code on the t-shirt is supposed to be tho Okay it’s a decimal code that translates to tumblr godknowsnone? On that blog there’s like a captcha image and a long binary string Stay tuned!! Okay that binary translates to ascii code Which then translates to this So when we log in to that email account There’s not much there except this vimeo link in the drafts folder The video is just 19 seconds of a very windy kind of woodsy area with a pond and a shortened url displayed over it so that link takes you to this youtube video and if you scroll down theres only one comment click on the user and they dont have any videos but their about page has a link the link takes you to this freetexthost page but im not sure what this text is code for “check it out then go way back” if you go way back to the original blog @nn17gkn “cbg juj uk fb? Ouppx obpx pbfxc 7xfpb uo jbq? bap” is the first post using this cypher that post translates to You did it now Gimme some money venmo is docworm ok but they posted something new if you use the same website from before it converts to “Thanks for playing how about round two this is a gays only event hettys need not apply“first of all fuckin amazing but then the link leads you to this picture which honestly idk what to do with someone continue this thanks for adding this!!!!! i started looking into it so if you brighten that image super high theres a link on the left side that link takes you to a freetexthost page with this vimeo link httpsvimeocom277172453 the way the camera focuses in this video is morse code and me and @bitchface—mcgee translated it to tmdlrrecurring17 we have no idea what this means and we’re stuck if someone knows what this could be pls add on !!!!! It’s still going y'all!!!! I might be wrong but I think y'all might’ve mistranslated the Morse code It might say tumblr recurring17 WE GOT FUCKING PLAYED AGAIN DKCNFSLXKFNRMDCKFNDMXKCNXNFJSLSSJ The Old God that runs the internet Cannot believe this journey is back on my dash Meme










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