Posted by udamndirtycracker 22 hours ago Award from Larchlea This is Hank Hank lives in my aunt's garage He's very old and has a hard time walking so she set up a warm place for him to rest and feeds him lots of treats diom Rissa797boo 12k points · 20 hours ago Is he tame or just friends with ur aunt damndirtycracker P 16k points · 16 hours ago 3 Hank showed up a couple of years ago and hung around a bit for cat food He's not tame but also never hissed or seemed afraid As he's gotten older he stayed around longer until he just decided he was going to take up residency in the garage She has this massive garage and has an out of the way space for him The garage is detached from the house so she leaves the side door open for when he wants to go out fodder69 451 points · 18 hours ago Possums aren't tame but they are very mellow and very non aggressive ipsum629 423 points 17 hours ago They also eat 1000s of ticks Good for keeping Lyme disease at bay 1 Lam_the_ginger 192 points · 16 hours ago Their body temperatures are also too low to incubate rabies and thus they're immune to rabies naturally Wwwweeeeeeee 360 points · 19 hours ago Your Aunt is a good kind person! Possums are our friends & are harmless and beneficial to our gardens & landscape They love snails and grubs DramaLlamaHolic 11k points · 22 hours ago He's not your usual aww but I freaking love Hank Meme











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