PLEASE HELP TUKY DONATE TO THE NYBC CANCER FUND PLEASE DONATE TO HELP TUKY🚨 Unfortunately this is far more common now- CANCER🚨 Tuky has cancer just like our dear Duque He was someone’s dog that started to present with masses on his ear and his owners tossed him to the street because they didn’t want to look at it or smell the odor of the open tumors anymore Tuky needs to know compassion and kindness Karina asked if she can take on this case and if NYBC could assist Imagine the anguish of the independent rescuers each day as they try to save and help the animals in despair They are doing the hard work each and every day Please help us help them and get Tuky the medical treatment he needs to feel better🙏 PLEASE HELP ACCOMPLISH THIS FOR THEM by visiting wwwnybullycreworg > NEWS > NYBC CANCER FUND Or Venmo @newyorkbullycrew In Kira's honor along with Naji Mr Hicks Nana and Duque we ask for your assistance so we can assist our new candidates that need our helpWe ask for support and contributions to THE NYBC Cancer Fund so we can earmark your donations specifically to patients in need of emergency chronic and consistent treatments and therapies New York Bully Crew thanks you for your constant support and compassion to help us help dogs in dire need We can only achieve success with your help Please help us do more save more make a difference in their lives We unfortunately cannot save them all but we can certainly try to make life better for the ones we can help #fightcancer #savethemall #voiceforthevoiceless #wearenybc #tukynybc #rescuehasnoborders #nybcperu @keepingupwithkira Meme





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