Pink Floyd performing in Venice 1989 Since its birth rock music has been seen as a revolutionary force and an agent of social change But Pink Floyd’s show in Venice on July 15th 1989 unintentionally resulted in the mayor and the entire city council resigning in the aftermath of their performance⁣ ⁣ Even before a note was played residents were up in arms saying that the vibrations caused by the music had the potential to cause harm to the ancient monuments So the band sympathetic to the city agreed to reduce the volume of its performance from 100 decibels to 60 and performed from a floating barge in a lagoon 200 yards from the square⁣ ⁣ It was the audience which numbered 200000 that did the most damage Officials said that they left behind 300 tons of garbage and because the city didn’t provide portable bathrooms concertgoers relieved themselves on the monuments and walls⁣ ⁣ The public outrage was immediate At a public meeting two days later Mayor Antonio Casellati took defense saying that there was “unusual pressure” from “RAI” the state-run television network that profited from the concert But his attempts at spin were shouted down with Resign resign you've turned Venice into a toilet The Venetians got their wish Before the end of the week the entire city council had resigned taking Casellati — who was elected by a coalition in the council — down with them Meme


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