Personal Narra X help gamers I'm currently-Go X being held hostage by my-G X roomba oh god it's coming pX DyjBIVYWvp 1UGSG7qziFPiFZdHsN FSyloz4Z5DUedit ed in Drive IUA o EE EEEEX NHullet of a brain and blendit with everything else I know Ihis causes me to have an 2 my 6 7 incredible amount of useless information and can also bring me to absurd conclusions some of which I cannot explain how I got to As Alan Watts once said The point cannot be explained in words In my deep reverie all of the information I have collected so far in my 16-and-a-half-ish year old mind combines to fom new and hard to grasp ideas which I attempt to explain to the outside world Unfortunately my communication skills are sub par to say the least and as a hey gamers is this true? also haha there's no hidden message anywhere i'm perfectly fine nothing sketchy i swear result I come off looking like a European Rabbit A mammal with 360 offspring ideas where I only 15% of them survive past the first year group of people I encounter Breaking me out of my reverie before I am ready to exit it myself is like turning me into an iceberg- only 10% of my brain is noticable and so I effectively turn into a blabbering mess that doesn't even know how to make coherent sentences A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts So he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions- Alan Watts Haha hEy guys am stuck in my room totaLly by choice i PROmise sO does anyone want to carry My Butt out of silver 2 in the gAme leage of legends? Meme



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