Perks Hex Paranoia A hex which hampers the minds of survivors Whilst this hex is active survivors will hear moderatelyconsiderablytremendously frequent false skill checks Actual skill checks will also move slightly faster Why so vigilant? - Dr Jonathan Crane The Scarecrow Killer Concept Relentless Pursuit The fear in your victims fuels your actions Begin with a 5% movement speed reduction but gains stacks of Bloodlust moderately considerablytremendously faster in a chase Your fear feeds me - Dr Jonathan Crane Stats Movement 115% 46 ms Terror Radius 32m Height Tall Frightful You can detect the fear in your victims from anywhere Whenever a survivor fails a skill check their aura is revealed to you for 456 seconds Are you distressed? - Dr Jonathan Crane Weapon Fearsome Sickle Crude and rusted this sickle strikes fear into the hearts of The Scarecrow's victims Mori Scarecrow hallucinations surround the survivor and stab at them The Scarecrow slowly crawls on top of the survivor and raises his sickle in the air before slamming it down next to their face The overwhelming fear gives the survivor a heart attack killing them Power Fear Gas The Scarecrow can project his Fear Gas onto survivors clouding their minds and hindering their capabilities Use the action button to charge and release Fear Gas in a narrow cone in front of you Any survivors hit by the Fear Gas will have their field of vision greatly reduced as gas will fog the world around them and their actions speeds will be reduced by 15% These effects will persist until the afflicted survivor snaps out of it Killer Concept The Scarecrow Meme









heart attack


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