Patti Harrison @Party_Harderson He started putting his penis near her vagina It was BIG His penis that is Not her vagina THAT was small Anyways so his penis is starting to get near her vagina -excerpt from the sexy kinky book I'm writing 1801 29 Jan 19 Twitter for iPhone Patti Harrison @Party_Harderson once he put his penis near my vagina THAT'S when I knew it was going in there soon Patti Harrison @Party_Harderson Then he asked with a smile on his amazing face 'Are you ready for my huge penis stuck in there? Your vagina?' and that's when she said Yah and it was time to get it put in Patti Harrison @Party Harderson Had a really really hard time figuring out the quotation marks on this one Patti Harrison @Party_Harderson She arched her back that was unshaved but was naturally hairless 'Yes to this sex!' She said about it He laughed his pleasure laugh His Rod was inside & his balls were on the outside the way it ought to be 'Yes She screamed each time the cock was in there pokin Patti Harrison @Party_Harderson That's when he did a move she really liked a lot He rolled her over on her hairless stomach 'It's time for it from behind' he said naked Huh?' I don't think she heard hinm It's time for it from behind' he repeated himself moaning during Nice!' She heard him this time Patti Harrison @Party Harderson Mmm you feel that? she said getting it in her pussy Yah it's really good! I love this it's amazing! he yelled Mmm really glad you like it She said pointing down to her pussy Patti Harrison @Party_Harderson THEN? She start riding on his penis on top of him as if he were a car & she was driving the car! Awhaaawlm! she moaned the pleasure crazy like a big stormm My penis feels so good It's hard & this life is crazy smacking his lips Yah she nodded her tits were there Patti Harrison @Party Harderson I abandoned the quotation mark format I started with because I myself could not comprehend it Mara Get Rid of the Nazis Wilson @MaraWilson Replying to @Party Harderson Put me in rice 1934 29 Jan 19 Twitter for iPhone Christopher Sabat Replying to@Party_Harderson Please let me know when you need a narrator for your audiobook 732 30 Jan 19 Twitter for iPhone NSFW - Patti Harrison Quotes Her Sexy Kinky Book Meme











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