ORANGE COUNTY EDITION Los Angeles Tinmes WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 12 2001 On The Internet wwwLATIMESCOMOC COPYGT 30010CHDPA 50¢ TERRORISTS ATTACK NEW YORK PENTAGON Thousands Dead Injured as Hijacked US Airliners Ram Targets World Trade Towers Brought Down Tragedy Assault leaves Manhattan in chaos Three of the flights were en route to LA one to San Francisco President Bush puts military on highest alert closes borders and vows to find those responsible' By MATEA GOLD and MAGGIE FARLEY TIMES STAFF WRITERS NEW YORK-In the worst ter- rorist attack ever against the United States hijackers struck at the preeminent symbols of the na- tion's wealth and might Tuesday flying airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and kiling or injuring thousands of people As a horrified nation watched on television the twin towers of the World Trade Center in lower Man- hatlan collapsed into flaming rub- ble after two Boeing 767s rammed their upper stories A third alrliner a Boeing 757 lattened one of the Pentagon's five sides A fourth jetliner crashed in west- ern Pennsylvania Authorities said the hijackers might have been try- ing to aim the plane at the presi- dential retreat at Camp David Md the Capitol or other targets in Washington The assaults which stirred fear and anxiety across the country and evoked comparisons to Pearl Har- bor were carefully planned and co- ordinated occurring within 50 min- utes No one claimed responsibility but official suspicion quickly fell on Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden Unexplained was how the terrorists boarded the jets and overpowered the crews Federal law enforcement sources said the FBI conducted searches and served subpoenas some in South Florida One official said agents were investigating the pos- AP photos CARMEN TAYLOR via KHBSKHOG-TV United Flight 175 above heads for the south tower of the World Trade Center in Manhattan then explodes on impact while the north tower burns from an assault about 20 minutes earlier In New York a Day of Fire and Fear NEWS ANALYSIS Real Test for Bush in Weeks to Come Center thousands struggled to es- cape Some were lucky and fast yond 1400 degrees Fahrenheit hot enough to melt steel which it did Scene For those who them with towels Then he gathered them up and survived the Trade Center enough to find elevators still func- and hot enough to kill which it did herded them toward the stairwell tioning Others walked and crawled as well Some people unable to which was locked Police arrived and groped their way down hun- withstand the flames jumped or unlocked the exit and Lipiak's peo- explosions a terrifying scramble to escape death Please see ATTACK A10 dreds of stairs People were screaming and things were flying everywhere There's blood there's glass there's were sucked out into the high ple joined what would become a empty air their bodies tumbling like dolls all the way to the ground More Inside throng on the route down By GERALDINE BAUM and PAUL LIEBERMAN Four floors below Geoffrey Hei- neman managing partner of a law At 845 am Walter Lipiak had THE NATION everything You get to the point just unlocked the door to Cosmos firm on the 85th floor of the north Terrorists deftly penetrated the air- that you're s0 scared you're not Service America on the 89th floor tower had taken an early train from port security system possibly with NEW YORK-People likened it even scared said stockbroker of the north tower the first to be his home in Garden City NY be help from ground crews A3 TIMES STAFF WRITERS By RONALD BROWNSTEIN ind DOYLE MCMANUS IMES STAFF WRITERS to a bomb to midnight to a vol- John McKeehan This is as close struck and the second to collapse cause it was a special day his old- Preliminary evidence indicates cano and finally when the air was as I've ever gotten to war He still had his key in the lock est son's birthday and I wanted to that Osama bin Laden is behind the carnage US officials say A14 Attacks threaten the underpin- WASHINGTON-The greatest choked with sool and smoke to Shallenge any American president hell an face is war-and George W Many no one yet knows their when the explosion rocked the get home for the party number could not escape blocked building sending him flying across In the aftermath of the explo by fire or fear Experts said blazing the office crashing into a desk As than half the 85th floor with spec- nings of the mation's prosperity and The firm's offices take up more Bush who won the presidency at a sions Tuesday morning that shook jet fuel inside the towers would other workers arrived he made tacular views of New York Harbor raise specter of global recession C1 2oment of peace and prosperity is the twin towers of the World Trade have driven temperatures to be- them lie on the floor and covered Please see DESCENT AS NEW YORK CITY auruptly facing a sterner test than anyone expected Bush's initial response-after an wkward day during which be- e of security concerns he was t of sight on several military ases-was a brief statement Dledging to find those responsible nd to bring them to justice We will make no distinction be- een the terrorists who commit- dthese acts and those who har- Dor them Bush said warning Chuntries Bch as Afghanistan that they can no longer count on US Terrorists struck New York's World Trade Center towers at their most vulnerable spot A4 Meme









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