or dventures of Billy & andySabrina The Animated Series 199 Sabrina The Animated Series 1999 2003 Sorting Squid Weird Al The Weird Al Show 1997 Johnny Bravo 1997 Fatman Al Yankstone Weird Al Yankovic The Simpsons 1989 Weird Al Mad 201o Adventure Time 2010 no Krang Banana Man Batman The Brave and the Bold 2008 Transformers Animated 2007 Weird Al Wreck-Gar Technician Back at the Barnyard 2007 Lilo & Stitch 2003 Weird Al Singing Minstrel Voltron Legendary Defender 2016 The 7D 2014 Blumfump Shapeshifter Wander Over Yonder 2013 Teen Titans Go! 2013 Dr Screwball Jones Darkseid Gravity Falls 2012 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Probabilitor Cheese Sandwich the-one-and-only-jsk “Weird Al” has played-Himself but yellow Simpsons-Himself but himself Johnny Bravo-Himself but a Grand Dad Weird Al Show-Himself but the best super hero Weird Al Show-Himself but designed ugly Sabrina-A freaking squid Billy and Mandy-A cross between his 80s self and current self Lilo and Stitch-Himself but CGI Back at the Barnyard-Robot peeps Transformers-Himself but with the second best super hero Batman-A banana spaceman Adventure Time-A brain villain he was also a certain super hero and a manager Mad-A pony which may or may not have made me a brony My Little Pony-Smart dude Gravity Falls-An actually funny scene in this awful show Teen Titans Go-Banana doctor clown guy Wander Over Yonder-Anyone The 7D-Squidward Voltron-Some guy Star VS the Forces of Evil - not pictured-Someone who might have killed someone Milo Murphy’s Law main character - not pictured -A robot who is quite weird Uncle Grandpa - not pictured -A dog BoJack Horseman - not pictured This is why you should love “Weird Al” Meme







Johnny Bravo

Lilo & Stitch


The Simpsons

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