one He's ranked 17th and has a 907 passer rating in QBR which suprasses players like Cam Newton and Eli Manning Clearly this is happening because of his support for oppressed Black & Brown people in this country The NFL is Showing you where they stand even though the majority of the players are Black If you continue to watch and buy tickets to games you may be in the sunken place u 25th dynasty FOLLOW TheBlaKseed @25thdynasty in college I played for Lou Sabin he coached OJ Simpson in the NFL and won a Super Bowl or two I was the starting receiver One game I had a fractured middle finger but was still starting I had a small brace on my finger It was 3rd and long I ran a post route The ball went up I caught it The defended swiped my hand and hit my finger I dropped the ball Went to the side line in pain Sabin yelled at me On the bus ride home he yelled again I don't remember what I said but I said something back I sat the bench for the rest of the year I was the best receiver on the team and fasted player on the team He used me as an example to the other players that he can always find a good ni^^a to be a yes man At the time my best friend played ball He was happy with the coach He loved the coach I never did I left school and joined the army Played semi pro in germany and took my team to an undefeated season winning the championship and being honored as MVP I salute Kapernick!!! The word disport is a Greek word and it means to distract attention from! Deporte mean athlete in Spanish is that why they deport athletes from the Caribbean to play baseball for them? Is it written in the language? Well In Rome the Gladiator Games were held to keep the poor unemployed and oppressed entertained and distracted Ever noticed how NFL or NBA games are usually the topic of conversation amongst groups of Black men instead of the dire issues effecting our community? Too many of us are distracted I don't watch sports! I played sports I played very well I used the sport i didn't let it use me The sad part is that most people spend the bulk of their life cheering on the sideline while they eat themselves to the grave!!! People like @kaepernick7 stick their necks out for our human rights and when they are mistreated we are silent NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated We believe strongly in patriotism It's important to have respect for your country and for our flag What if the country doesn't respect you? What if the anthem wasn't written for you? •CONTINUED BELOW• Meme


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