omegle Talk to strangers! You're chatting with a random stranger on Omegle! You both like God Stranger I'm looking for an older christian housewife who is sexually neglected at home You Hey You Hahahaha You No hello? Stranger Hello Stranger What is your name? You Vilhelm I'm not a Christian housewife I'm afraid Stranger How old are you Vilhelm? You Twenty Stranger I'm not familiar with your name Are you male or female? You It's another version of William so you tell me You You know there are Christian dating sites for this sort of thing Stranger I'm not looking for a partner Stranger I look to pass my knowledge of love making on to women who need it the most You I'm sure there's more than just people looking to get hitched on there You But whatever Stranger It also costs money and I can't stay anonymous so You In any event You I don't know if this is the place Stranger Do you not seek the knowledge of love making? You Not with other men Stranger I have knowledge of how to properly pleasure a woman A technique that will make any woman squirt every time You Is that so? Stranger Yes Any woman who says that can't squirt simply haven't yet Stranger Any woman who was born a woman can squirt You Righto Stranger Next time you are fingering a girl go 2 inches in and apply pressure upwards That is every woman's G-spot Apply more pressure overtime and speed up and you can make any woman squirt Stranger She has to be properly turned on though If you jump straight to that spot she won't feel anything You I know what a G spot is where are you trying to go with this? Stranger That I've helped hundreds of people and only 3 of them knew where it was before I told them meaning this knowledge is easily accessible but no one bothers to learn You Good to know Stranger You can honestly Google where it is but some how no one knows where it is I feel bed for women that men think having a big penis is the only way to be good at sex Stranger 99% of the women I help say it I the best orgasm of their lives and they only used 2 fingers They range from 18 to almost 60 Almost no men know how to properly satisfy a woman You If that's true it's good to hear but I don't really care to know Stranger You already know a good portion of it Just knowing where the G-spot is is a good start Stranger In a society that assumes big dicks mean more pleasure satisfying without a big dick is almost unheard of It's a woman ridiculous You Right You I still don't see the point here Stranger I find married women that aren't satisfied by their husbands and teach them to satisfy themselves rather then cheating Stranger I basically pick up the slack for all lackluster lovers You I went for a run today Stranger Good for you? You Yeah likewise Stranger Good luck with your weird ass name Vilhelm Stranger has disconnected Guy on Omegle helps hundreds of women cum Meme




Good For You







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